Uniformity creates intolerance.
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A society which emphasizes uniformity is one which creates intolerance and hate.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1918-2000), 15th Prime Minister of Canada (1968-1979 and 1980-1984), father of Justin Trudeau, 23th and current Prime Minister.

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IADL: Free political prisoners.

The progressive International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), a recognized consultative organization with the United Nations, published a statement calling for the realease of catalan political prisoners:

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) rejects and condemns the repressive action undertaken by the Spanish government against some pro-independence figures in Catalonia.

IADL calls for the immediate release of Catalan political prisoners, who have been held in pre-trial detention since October 2017 and demands the revocation of the arrest warrants issued against other personalities, who have at this time been forced into exile.

IADL requests both the Spanish government and the pro-independence parties to resume talks and revive a fruitful dialogue in order to achieve a peaceful solution of the Catalan issue, in the framework of existing current national, European and international law.

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An exit strategy from patriarchy.

Speech given at the 29th EGP-Council. Berlin, 23rd of November 2018

by Brigitte Foppa (Vërc)

You asked me to speak about feminism.

So, I brought you something. What is this?

Usually this is simply a panty. But today it is not. Today, after that in an Irish court of justice was brought forward the argument that a woman who wears a thong is open for sexual encounters and therefore the claim of rape can be excluded, today this is an invitation to violence!

This is not the first time that something like this happens. In 1998 in Italy a judge sentenced that a young girl couldn’t be victim of a rape because she was wearing blue jeans. Now every year on May 27th women from all over the world remember this incredible fact wearing blue jeans on the “Denim day”.

Because we do not forget.

But we have to admit that times, they are not changing.

Now the question is: do we have to talk about violence when we speak about feminism? For many years I didn’t think so. I thought that there were other important issues I could work and fight for:

  • more female representation in politics.
  • equal pay, equal work, equal pension.
  • a gender quota in the boards of the companies.
  • more justice even in the language.

We can find all these topics in the Manifesto of the European Greens. They are so important, and we will continue fighting for them – always remembering that Green Parties are the only parties which are obviously and explicitly feminist. Which is not so easy, because usually ad-experts tell us that insisting on gender topics is the best way to lose elections. This is a problem. Gender politics are now the most revolutionary and unpopular politics when they really retold the capability to change the world, to change power structures, to change the distribution of welfare.

Within this capability we have potential and danger at the same time.

Danger? Yes. We observe actually a wave of hate against women. We usually try to explain this as the backlash of feminism, but I think there is more.

Because this wave of hate has a battle-field: our body.

There are different typologies of hatred:

When we (our bodies) are being laughed at.

When we (our bodies) are minimized.

When we (our bodies) are sexualized at all.

At last when we (our bodies) are destroyed.

Last year, in my small land in the Alps with half a million citizens, 4 women have been killed, in Italy 94, in Austria 16 – just because they were women! This is the reason why we have to speak about violence.

We can suppose that the origin of this hate lies in fear. There is always fear at the bottom of hate. In this case there is a lot of fear. Fear of losing the power. Fear of change.

In conclusion:

We have to keep working and fighting for gender politics.

But I think we need to go beyond and develop something bigger. We have now to start working on an EXIT STRATEGY FROM PATRIARCHY, from the power system which created submitted women and unhappy men.

Let’s think about it. Men and women together.

For more justice. For more respect. For a better world.

Thank you.

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Harvie: Time has come for a second indyref.
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The case for Scotland choosing its own future grows stronger with each day. The Brexit calamity gives the issue greater immediacy but, frankly, even if Brexit is killed off the past two years have proved beyond doubt the level of contempt Scotland is shown inside the UK.

This has been a period of such confusion and chaos, but one thing is as clear now as it has ever been. Scotland will only get the strong future relationship we want with Europe – as the overwhelming majority voted for – if we’re a full, independent member of the European Union.

I’m reminded of what the former Daily Record editor, Murray Foote, said when he came out in support of independence earlier this year: “For me, independence is about autonomy, allowing Scotland to meet success and failure on its own merit and not point an embittered finger of blame at anyone else.”

Let’s not go down with them. It’s time we charted our own course, and offered the people of Scotland not impossible promises but a secure future as a member of our European family. It’s time – once again – to say Yes.

Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the ‘Scottish Green Party’ (here)

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