Diplocat up and running.


The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) comes into existence in November 2012 inspired by anglo-saxon Public Diplomacy councils and institutes. The institution is an effective instrument to contribute to the knowledge and recognition of Catalonia abroad.

Therefore, the mission of DIPLOCAT is to disseminate the reputation and international projection of Catalonia by exporting an accurate knowledge of its unique assets and values in order to promote its internationalisation. The accomplishment of this mission has a direct impact on the attraction of investment, knowledge, institutions and people. It contributes to generating positive public opinion abroad and it establishes relations with the world based on trust and credibility.

The main objective of DIPLOCAT is to communicate two messages to the world:

  • Catalonia will emerge reinforced from the crisis and, consequently, it will be better off.
  • Catalans want to hold a referendum so that they can choose their future freely, peacefully and democratically.

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