The European crisis.
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The Catalan crisis is the Spanish crisis. It is the European crisis. It is the return of the face of authoritarianism within the heart of Europe. It is more than just a shame that short-sighted political interests, such as maintaining Mr Juncker in office or promoting a right-leaning Spanish European Finance Minister mired in allegations of wrongdoing, take precedence over speaking up for the founding principles of the European Union.

Matthew Parish, international lawyer and former UN peacekeeper based in Geneva, here.

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Quotation 427

Auch interessant (aus demselben Text):

The word fascism is often over-used to describe disagreeable authoritarian governments, and virtually no modern government now willingly describes themselves in such terms. But this is a case in which the word would not properly be misused. Joseph de Maistre, the intellectual progenitor of the ideology, in 1819 published an influential tract which developed the notion that a legal system should be used to develop authoritarian control over a population so that nationalist sentiments could be propagated and opposition towards them suppressed.

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