Harvie: Time has come for a second indyref.
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The case for Scotland choosing its own future grows stronger with each day. The Brexit calamity gives the issue greater immediacy but, frankly, even if Brexit is killed off the past two years have proved beyond doubt the level of contempt Scotland is shown inside the UK.

This has been a period of such confusion and chaos, but one thing is as clear now as it has ever been. Scotland will only get the strong future relationship we want with Europe – as the overwhelming majority voted for – if we’re a full, independent member of the European Union.

I’m reminded of what the former Daily Record editor, Murray Foote, said when he came out in support of independence earlier this year: “For me, independence is about autonomy, allowing Scotland to meet success and failure on its own merit and not point an embittered finger of blame at anyone else.”

Let’s not go down with them. It’s time we charted our own course, and offered the people of Scotland not impossible promises but a secure future as a member of our European family. It’s time – once again – to say Yes.

Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party (here)

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