Brief ans EU-Parlament.

Die drei katalanischen EU-Parlamentarier Ramon Tremosa (Zentrumspartei CiU), Raül Romeva (Grüne) und Ana Miranda (Linksbündnis BNG/ERC) haben nach der Unabhängigkeitskundgebung in Barcelona all ihren Parlamentskollegen (also auch Herrn Dorfmann) einen Brief zukommen lassen, der hier wiedergegeben wird:

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the demonstration that took place yesterday in Barcelona, where 1.5-2 million people marched in support of the independence of Catalonia.

1. Catalonia’s society is undergoing a process towards pro-independence views which has widespread popular support; it is an inclusive, democratic and pro-European movement.

2. The slogan of the demonstration was ‘Catalonia, new state of Europe’ and EU flags were profusely waved.

3. The Catalan independence process is certainly going to be complex, but now for many commentators in Catalan and international newspapers it also seems unstoppable.

4. A vast majority of Catalans are persuaded that having their own state will allow them to face the current economic challenges (Catalonia has been contributing more than 8% of its GDP -around 16 billion euros annually- to the Spanish state for the last few decades);

5. There seems to be no willingness in the Spanish government and its political class to understand Catalonia’s urge for a new and fair fiscal agreement to give Catalonia powers to collect all taxes. This would enable Catalonia to protect its welfare system and to have a fairer distribution of the burden of the economic crisis between Catalans and the rest of Spain.

6. Many Catalans also believe that they would also be better represented politically in the EU with their own state; and that internally there would be more cohesion and they would be able to promote more effectively their language and culture.

7. In case Catalonia needs to hold a referendum on independence, as it is clearly the will shown by its citizens yesterday, we would like to have your democratic support and understanding for this process.

8. Catalonia is willing to be fully responsible and a committed partner in the EU. Catalans have the right to build a new socially fair, economically prosperous and environmentally sustainable state within the EU.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Ramon Tremosa (CiU)
Ana Miranda (BNG and on behalf of ERC)
Raül Romeva (ICV)

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